System Implementation

Unique implementation experience and approach – reducing risk and creating certainty of success

“Q” Renaissance Management Consultants provides a full life-cycle service. From helping you select the most effective technology, through implementation, rolling it out across your organization, and educating your staff, our team is right alongside yours.

With expertise in all the major Business Performance Management software solutions, we can help you select new technology that will underpin both your short-term business priorities and longer term strategy. Our proven selection methods ensure that your investment decision is based upon an unbiased and transparent process.

“Q” Renaissance Management Consultants system implementation services deliver an exceptionally efficient, risk free result. Our extensive project management and system implementation expertise is built on a wealth of successes, and we blend our resource with your team to ensure effective transfer of knowledge and best practice throughout the process. We continue to develop and invest in strategic partnerships with the software vendors that can deliver against the promise of BPM. You can be confident that our strategic partnerships deliver the highest standards in certified skills and implementation capability.

Our Values 

Our values are not only a reflection of what we believe in as individuals bu also the foundation upon which our service proposition is built. They keep us focused on our mission and empower us in our endeavor to serve our clients.

Partnership - We work with out clients and their people to ensure that solutions are developed in true partnership

Responsiveness -  We understand the impact that change has on individuals  and organisations are able to support them through the process.

Assurances - We deliver on our promises

Accountability - We do what is best for our clients, their shareholders & employees.

Revolution - Every assignment is different. We draw from our breath of our experience and clients own heritage to develop the most appropriate solution for the problem at hand. 

“Q” Renaissance Management Consultants also adds value to existing client BPM solutions by providing a 360 degree system assessment that identifies ways to improve performance, system stability, ease of use and quality of reporting. In our experience, these are the four main cornerstones of user satisfaction: a crucial driver in sustaining BPM success. So whether you’re looking for a new BPM technology solution, require a fast track implementation of a pre-selected tool, or want to develop an existing solution to meet new requirements, our unique experience and approach will deliver success.

“Q” Renaissance Management Consultants’ approach to system implementation provides full life cycle services designed for the most efficient and risk free implementation of a Business Performance Management (BPM) solution. Our proven methodology is structured to give you visibility of the project at each step of the way and enables us to work with you in a blended team manner as applicable to your requirements.

Our Approach 

Our approach is driven by a promise to deliver measurable and sustainable benefits to our clients and their firms. Based on our extensive experience gained from engaging & mobilizing organisation through change, we have learned that it is vital to ensure that key stakeholders are involved in both the design and implementation of the solution. We have five principles.  

Outcome Driven Consultancy - We work towards pre - agreed, tangible and measurable deliverables.

Sustainable change - by engaging, training and empowering the right people within the client organization, we make sure that positive change is imbedded and sustained.

Holistic approach - Our transformation approach aims to address the rational, emotional and political aspects of change in equal measures.

Building Energy - By identifying key initiative champions and realizing quick wins early in the process, we create a positive energy for change and build the necessary momentum.

Flexible model - We approach every assignment with no preconceived solution in mind, working with client organisation to develop the most appropriate solution for the problem at hand.

Our approach consists of flexible, interdependent work components that enable us to reduce risk and control costs – allowing for a successful implementation delivered on time and on budget. Each stage encompasses key tasks, clear objectives and defined deliverables – whether you are upgrading an existing system or application, implementing a new information system, or redefining and maximizing the functionality of your current system


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