Human Resource Management System Consultancy


Human Resource Management is one of core function in any business operation (function) that how an organisations are designed to maximize employees performance in the service of an employer's strategic objectives. In this management system consultancy the primary concern with the management of people within the organisation, focusing on policies, procedures and on systems. 

"Q" Renaissance Quality Consultants undertake the core activity in the human resource department such as ; employee benefits design, employee recruitment, training & development methods,  performance appraisal & rewarding system - support in establishing the human resource management system in the organisation.

Human Resource Management System Consultancy Services;

We confidently undertake & successfully execute small & large scale consultancy projects with the help of our highly experienced HR management system consultants.

Our broad experience & expertise enables us to execute HR management system consultancy projects in all the following areas;

  • Organisation Structure - Its Design & Implementation
  • HR management system Business Risk & Opportunity Strategy and its road map
  • HR management system policies, objectives, procedures  
  • HR management system employee handbook
  • Job Description, Job evaluation & Grading System ( HAY EVALUATION METHOD)
  • Compensation & benefits structure based on the context of the organisation
  • Competency frame work based on the industry - Sector scope of the organisation
  • Process owners performance based on determined KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) frame work
  • Change management - Re structuring frame work
  • In house soft skill training programs 


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