Strategic Management Support Consultancy


Identifying Vision, Purpose, and Values of the organization for directing the team in a elected pathway of progress. Strategic Planning intended for identifying the prospect strategy of growth/diversification based on strength, limitations and core capability of the organization. Expansion of Business Plan both short term and long term with definite performance procedures.

Design of Performance Incentives Schemes for senior Management to improve revenue and abundance.

Design of Management Information System (MIS) including finance MIS for effective control of the organization and timely actions.

Performance of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System superimposing on the accessible or anticipated ISO 9000 system to complete paperless organization.

Scheming and implementing Policy Deployment and Appraisal (PDA) System for relating presentation of each employee with the annual assessment to achieve the Management objectives.

Re-engineering the business process for manpower diminution and civilizing the lead time and to attain error free action. Identification of Cost Reduction Opportunities and directing the project teams for achieving the target set by the management.

Progress of 'Personnel Policy' for the company which consist of Grade/salary structuring, job titles, promotion policies and perquisites and motivational schemes.

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