Strategic Planning Consultancy

Introduction: We can help you get around the “track” by implementing a strategic management process in your organization. Where are you in your process development? Select an area in the process to see how we can help.
Why Work With Us?

“Q” RENAISSANCE Management Consultants has become a leader in strategic management services for organizations. We deliver integrated, holistically-balanced planning services for organizations of all sizes. Our services focus as much on the strategy as on the implementation. Organizations rely on us to guide them in successfully developing and implementing strategies for growth and solutions to business needs through consulting and utilization of our web-based planning system. With our services, you will save time, get focused, and achieve the long-term results you are looking for from your strategic management process.

Our Approach to Strategic Management

Our pragmatic approach to strategic planning work includes:

• Training and full utilization of our strategic management system;
• Examining the organization’s strategic position to affirm or modify its strategic direction;
• Determining strategic priorities and specific next actions through assessments and an open, collaborative process;
• Bringing critical internal and external information into process to facilitate sound strategic decision making;
• Providing an uncomplicated, painless facilitated process based on proven strategic planning best practices;
• A process that is market-focused and incorporates the Balanced Scorecard framework;
• Ensuring continuity and alignment throughout the organization through an all-inclusive, collaborative process;
• Developing a holistic, understandable strategy that incorporates and integrates all aspects of the organization in a big picture view instead of individual silos;
• Establishing performance measures and targets for reporting, monitoring and benchmarking;
• Helping make strategic planning a habit – not just relegated to a black binder on the boss’s shelf through using our online system;
• Helping the organization rise above “business as usual” to embrace strategic and proactive activities.

Our Approach to Facilitating Your Next Strategic Planning Retreat

There are hundreds of strategic planning facilitators and strategic planning consultants out there. Why work with us? Here is what makes us different:

• We only focus on strategy – that is all we do.
• We have developed a repertoire of practical strategy concepts to help you develop a plan to meet your needs.
• We use only the best of strategy management process best practices.
• We do not tell you the solution to your problems or the prescribed strategy for your organization. Rather, we help you discover your own unique vision and how to take the steps necessary to turn that vision into reality.
• We build consensus so the outcomes are owned by everyone involved.
• We know your time is precious and your long-term success is paramount.

Strategic Planning Facilitation Services

We offer the following types of strategic planning facilitation. All are customized to fit your individual organization’s desired outcomes:

The Complete Strategic Plan: Don’t have a strategic plan? Need to start from scratch? This facilitation package is focused on helping organizations get their plans done from A-to-Z, quickly and efficiently.

The Strategic Plan Tune-Up: Have a strategic plan, but it needs to be dusted off or updated? This package is to get your plan on track and updated based on your current operating environment.

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